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How We Work

Client Centered

At Capital Trust Advisors, we excel at delivering coordinated solutions which simplify our clients’ lives. Our ability to listen attentively leads to a highly personalized set of recommendations. The goal is a lasting and trusted partnership with every one of our clients.

Standard of Care

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), operating under the Best Interest Standard, we provide customized wealth management and comprehensive investment advisory solutions. Held by a strict fiduciary duty, we put the needs of our clients first.

At Capital Trust Advisors (CTA), we also understand that knowing what to save and what to spend can be daunting. We believe we can help you find the right balance. We do this by first determining your motivation for having a healthy financial plan. We then customize your plan using several parameters:

  • Advise solely on your needs and objectives
  • Educate to minimize any anxiety around financial misconceptions
  • Provide viable solutions around cash flow and other timing issues
  • Navigate big ticket items with ease (private schools, college debt, homes, etc)
  • Assist in setting realistic and attainable goals

The end result is empowered financial decision-making, financial security and a partnership of trust that can span generations.

Trusted Relationships

Our clients’ assets are held primarily with Schwab Advisor Services, providing confidence and peace of mind. This institution has a decades long track record as a leading custodian for independent Investment Advisors and their clients. While many broker dealers failed, needed government aid or were forced to merge during the 2008 Financial Crisis, Charles Schwab & Company required no assistance due to their conservative capital structure and strict internal controls. In addition to financial strength, we utilize custodians with outstanding customer service, leading technology and open platforms that do not emphasize proprietary investment products.

Our Team

CTA takes a team approach to client management, which results in objective decision making and a consistently high level of service. Our investment team averages over 27 years of experience as Investment Advisors, which gives us the experience and understanding necessary to solve the complexities and challenges faced by our clients.

Our Approach

Our integrated approach considers all facets of your life in managing your portfolios. Therefore, we offer a full range of asset management services. We work closely with all relevant professionals (accountants, lawyers and estate planning specialists) to ensure absolute integration among your financial strategy’s key components.

Because CTA operates independently, we have the ability and commitment to counsel to your best interests. Our position within the investment industry helps us to source optimal investment solutions. Our open platform advantage allows us to access a multitude of investment solutions objectively–without bias–towards any product offerings which gives us the freedom to actively pursue the best strategies for you.

Ultimately, we seek to attain superior risk adjusted returns with a strict focus on diversification and capital preservation.

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