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Financial Planning

Running out of money in retirement is brutal. The financial planning process guides clients to realistic and attainable goals and creates a road map to achieving those goals. Critically, the map identifies the hazards that, if not avoided, can reduce your lifestyle or make retirement unobtainable.

Client Centered

Financial Planning:

  • Formulate a realistic plan of action
  • Determine what resources are needed and available
  • Identify risks and contingencies
  • Enhance control of your financial destiny
  • Facilitate better strategic decisions
  • Provide an ongoing process of planning, feedback, evaluation, and course correction
  • Emphasize measurable goals that provide guideposts for financial action
  • Increase the likelihood that your goals will be achieved

The planning process generally follows these steps:

  • Identifying financial goals and differentiating them between needs and wants
  • Common goals include a comfortable retirement, educating children, a second home and travel
  • Collection of the relevant information, financial and otherwise
  • Analysis of the data and the goals to determine feasible courses of action
  • Selection of the most appropriate strategies
  • Specifying detailed implementation targets and action items
  • Monitoring and measuring the implementation
  • Modifying actions and targets as needed over time

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